Tuesday, February 26, 2019

KTUH. The only radio station that hates you.

I love KTUH.  KTUH doesn't love me or you.  KTUH fucking hates you.  Ah, the unrequited love of a college radio station and the fuck ups who run it.

I love Mr Modular.  I love the jangly guitars on mild mannered DJ Bryan's Happyoblivion Show! I love the 3-6AM training show and it's love for "Chillhop Essentials Winter 2018".   I adore Kimo's boss reggae on the "Dawn Patrol Echo Chamber".

But I do despise the fucking klaxon Kimo uses repetitively.  Why Steve Stoddard hasn't been fired yet alludes me.  I despise how fat slob 'Puertorican Princess' Sashily Kling (@SashilyK) sings random ~words!~ as she wheezes trying to draw fresh breath through her obese, suety torso and her stilted. reading. of. printed. announce. ments.  Or as @SashilyK would say, it drives. me up. a. fucking. Wall.

But most of all, I despise the fucking Volume Jump.

For the last decade, KTUH has been damaging the hearing of Oahu listeners by allowing the volume of their shows to randomly jump to dangerous levels only to vanish to the point I begin to wonder if there has been a power failure.

Volume Jump is annoying.  Volume Jump ruins every show it's in.  Volume Jump damages hearing.

Yet somehow despite my constant bitching, my complaints and nagging have gone unheeded!  I've called.  I've tweeted.  I've emailed.  I documented when Volume Jump incidents occurred only to be blocked and ignored.  Fine.  Fuck you too.

But you're not doing anyone any favors.  Not your listeners, not your DJ's not the community of Oahu you say you serve.  You are failing us, KTUH. 

The funny thing is, I think they recognize it's a problem.  Volume Jump at KTUH seems to be ameliorated for a week or so but always returns.  But no one really seems to give a flying fuck about it.  One of the longest Volume Jumps in recent memory happened just this last Thanksgiving.  It lasted until late January of 2019.  Thousands of hours of Christmas music went down the drain because the Volume Jump made it un-listenable.

Think about it. Months of programing corrupted bc no one could possibly give a shit about their listeners.

Right this moment, it's 05:20, Tuesday February 26, 2019 on Oahu and wE hAVE VoluME JUMP! Go ahead. Listen for yourself at https://ktuh.org/.  It fucking sucks.

So, fuck you, assholes.  Fix the goddam mother fukcing Volume Jump, you fucking pricks

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