Friday, February 22, 2013

Billionaire investor plans to change image of Kahala

"By this summer he is going to have everything in order," said Genshiro Kawamoto, through an interpreter. "It's really ridiculous stuff. It's not art," said Rose-Marie Rafael, Kahala Avenue neighbor. Rose-Marie Rafael's home is surrounded by Kawamoto properties. She calls him the biggest liar around because he says he'll make the land better, starts a project but doesn't finish it. She says he tries to annoy neighbors to the point where they give up and sell to him and she says his realtor at Choi International has harassed her to sell. "She came to me personally and came very close, and said you have to sell," said Rafael. "I describe him as a person who is up to no good," said Rich Turbin, Kahala Avenue neighbor. Rich Turbin is another neighbor who is standing his ground against Kawamoto. "By wrecking the beauty of this community, by blighting this community he is blighting all of Hawaii," said Turbin.

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