Friday, October 19, 2012

Republican Lingle admits she thinks George W Bush the 'greatest president ever'

Former Gov. Linda Lingle has flatly denied ever describing President George W. Bush as the "greatest president," but she acknowledged making the statement in an email a decade ago. Lingle's assessment of Bush was reported by David Sha­piro in a column in The Hono­lulu Advertiser in May 2002 about Lingle's appearance at the state GOP convention. Sha­piro wrote that Lingle calling Bush "the greatest president ever" was "an overstatement that makes even some Republicans cringe."
Lingle says she denies making the statement, then immediatly says yes, she made the statement. Lingle is crazy and has no business even trying to represent beautiful, honorable Hawaii. Lingle is an insult to Hawaii and Hawaiians. Shouldn't admiration for America's biggest strategic and criminal failure disqualify Lingle from candidacy? It's like saying, "Gee, that Joesph Stalin guy was really fair and balanced!" Childless, Jewish, Californian and conservative is not what Hawaii needs. Vote for Mazie Hirono.

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