Monday, October 29, 2012

California Republican Linda Lingle's “unwarranted cruelty” to Hawaii

Lingle invited supporters of civil unions to attend what they thought would be a bill-signing ceremony, only to veto the bill. Republican Lingle made “an inhumane spectacle.” Activists were told on arrival “you’ll be seated with the media, you are not allowed to react, there will be no questions. If you react in any way, shape or form, you’ll be escorted out of the conference.” Supporters were not even permitted to cry from the disappointment.
HIRONO: We all remember when as governor she vetoed the civil unions bill and, in doing so, before she vetoed it, she invited members of the [LGBT] leadership to join her. And they thought that she was going to sign that bill into law. And instead, right in front of them, the very group that had worked so hard to pass this legislation, she vetoed that bill. I thought that was extremely insensitive and disrespectful of their position. Her position, my opponent’s position on marriage equality, is very much in line with national Republicans and is certainly not what the Democrats stand for.

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Anonymous said...

The ugly bitter conservative jewish republican from cali is going to lose.